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How Ductless Mini-Split Systems Help You Save Money

How Do More Units Add Up to More Savings?

You’ve probably heard a lot of HVAC technicians extol the virtues of ductless mini-split climate control systems. These systems work by installing several units inside and outside your home to exchange hot and cold air and keep you comfortable. Each indoor unit is only capable of heating and cooling a couple of rooms, so you’ll need to install a few to cover your whole home. And yet, they say that all these new units are somehow cheaper than one central air conditioner? Here’s the thing – ductless mini-splits really do save you money. Not only are the cheaper to install, but they’re proven to lead to more long-term savings and cost way less in maintenance fees.

No Hidden Costs

First of all, you won’t have to pay to install, clean, or maintain air ducts. Conventional HVAC relies on these clunky structures to move air from your unit to every room in your home, and they need to be cleaned semi-regularly to prevent accumulated dust from entering your air supply. Additionally, if your home doesn’t already have ducts installed, making space for them can get expensive fast.

Then there’s general HVAC maintenance and repair. Because ductless mini-splits aren’t all connected to one central unit, when something goes wrong, you’ll still have rooms that are being kept comfortable while you wait for repairs. Plus, what repairs are necessary are less intensive and less expensive.

Customized Comfort that Uses Less Energy

The biggest money-saving aspect of ductless mini-splits is entirely a result of the multiple units. When every space in your home is heated and cooled by a separate unit, each space can be maintained at a different temperature. This means that there are no compromises when it comes to comfort. One bedroom can be kept cool, while another can be heated. Everyone in your family can choose their own comfort settings, and no one has to settle for an unsatisfying compromise.

But this also means that you can turn units off if you’re not currently using the rooms they control. With a mini-split system, there’s no need to waste energy cooling your upstairs bedroom when you want to lower the temperature in the kitchen. Not to mention, individual units use much less energy in the first place due to their smaller size and more limited range. Overall, this will significantly lower your utility bills while keeping you comfortable.

Is a Ductless System the Right Choice for You?

At the end of the day, some homes, families, and lifestyles are more likely to thrive and save with ductless mini-split systems than others. If you need every room in your home to be climate-controlled for most of the day, you won’t see the same savings as someone who only needs the AC to be on in the living room or who isn’t at home for most of the day.

The best thing to do is contact our HVAC experts for a professional consultation. A properly trained and licensed comfort specialist can help you examine the options and determine what will get you the highest level of comfort and the biggest long-term savings.