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How to Address the Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

When people think about seasonal plumbing problems, the first thing that comes to mind is frozen pipes and the associated leaks and ruptured pipes. Summer also comes with plumbing issues that can lead to frustrating and messy plumbing issues. Winter plumbing problems can come from the increased usage seen during the holidays coupled with freezing temperatures. Summer plumbing problems are caused much in the same way. The summer season usually means kids at home, friends and family visiting, and loads of backyard activities. Before you start enjoying the fun and sun, remember to schedule a plumbing inspection to make sure your system is in good shape and ready for the season.

5 Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common plumbing problems likely to ruin your summer. You can get ahead of these issues if you start now in late spring preparing your plumbing for the summer season.

Chronic Clogs: During the summer, many homeowners entertain guests. If your home becomes a high-traffic destination during the summer months, it’s easy for your plumbing to become strained. When your home serves as an entertainment hub for your family and friends, your plumbing can be taxed by the extra users. You may experience clogged sinks, disposals, toilets, and showers. If you notice your systems are working slower than usual or you’ve noticed a clog in one part of your home, it may be time to call your plumber to inspect your system and clean out any obstructions.

Washing Machine Failure: Summer fun can quickly become messy, which inevitably leads to housework dozens of loads of laundry. Washing multiple loads of laundry per day can put a tremendous strain on your washer and cause buildups and clogs. Check your system for issues if you sense it’s not working as usual. Isolate your inspections to your hoses to keep leaks in check. If you notice a problem, don’t be afraid to stop the system midcycle if necessary.

Sump Pump: Summer showers are not as intense as spring rains, but summer may be the only time of year rain falls in your area. Homeowners with basement sump pumps need to be vigilant during the rainy season. Like in other parts of your home, if your sump pump is unmaintained or works on schedule, it could be at risk if put to heavy usage. A broken or strained sump pump could lead to basement floods and gallons of standing water in your basement.

Faucet Leaks: The hallmark of the summer season is outdoor time spent enjoying the weather or activities that can’t be enjoyed in other seasons. Many homeowners may find they seldom, if ever, use their outdoor plumbing until the summer season when your yard becomes an entertainment haven. You may also find you’re using your outdoor faucet and hose for a myriad of tasks unique to the summer season, like washing your car, playing with water features

Slow Draining Showers: Outdoor showers are very cool and all the rage on HGTV, and it’s for a good reason. They can save your plumbing system from the messy muck that is wet sand. When you hit the beach or the lake this summer, don’t forget to utilize one of the outdoor showers found at most facilities. Dirt and sand can block your drain and leave your shower barely functioning, especially if the entire family is coming home and showering off sand and grime into the drainage system. If rising off at the beach isn’t an option, you can still save your shower by installing a drain cover to catch the sediment, dirt, and pebbles before they can reach your plumbing. Installing drain covers can also help to prevent hair and other foreign objects from making their way into your plumbing from the shower.

Don’t let your plumbing start off on the wrong foot! Contact Wallner Plumbing Heating and Air for plumbing maintenance. We can inspect your system to ensure you’re ready for the busy summer months ahead. Call now at (530) 223-5622 to schedule an appointment.