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Is It Time to Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures?

Fixtures serve an important role in your plumbing network. They interact with the plumbing system to make usage easier and more streamlined. Because they appear to work seamlessly, it’s easy to assume they don’t require maintenance or inspection until broken. If you turn on the shower or flush the toilet, and it works, you assume everything is fine.

How Fixtures Become Worn Over Time

But, that is a foolish assumption. While your plumbing may work now, the situation could easily turn into one where you need to use a fixture and it’s broken. Plumbing fixtures do not have an infinite lifespan. No one ever thinks about replacing their faucets because of wear and tear. Most people think of design changes and upgrades to their kitchen or bathroom, and this is the time when fixtures get attention, but otherwise they are the silent heroes of your plumbing system. So, now that you know plumbing fixtures need replacement just like other elements of your home, how often should you replace them?

The plumbing fixtures in a home can take a beating each year. The average user in a home uses as many as 50 gallons. So, for an average family of four people, that’s 200 gallons of water per day. The water travels through your plumbing system, sometimes under pressure, and your fixtures contain and deliver this water day in and day out. Eventually, even high-end plumbing fixtures may require replacement, but most homeowners will find that they often want to replace fixtures for aesthetic reasons before they need to be replaced for failure.

Plumbing fixtures may find require early replacement in certain situations, like:

  • Outdated or Recalled Plumbing
  • Faulty Installation
  • Subpar or Poor-Quality Fixtures
  • Poorly Maintained Fixtures
  • Premature Wearing

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures 

Leaks: If your fixtures are leaking, it’s time to replace them. They are not only unseemly; they also waste gallons 3,000 gallons per year. No matter where the leak is located in your home, it’s a small problem that can quickly become serious if left untreated.

Water Pressure: Water pressure issues are a sign of a plumbing problem, but sometimes, upgrading the fixtures in a home can help with water pressure.

Quality Issues: When the water from your faucets is discolored or smelly or has a bad taste, it can be a disturbing situation. No one wants to use water that could be harmful. Water quality issues can be caused by old or poor-quality fixtures. Anything from rusty pipes to moldy faucets, could be a sign the fixtures in a home should be replaced.

Old Fixtures: If your fixtures are more than ten years old, you probably want to update them to modern more efficient devices. Upgrading older fixtures in a home can also go a long way toward sprucing up a space.

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