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Repairs VS Replacements

What’s the Best Way to Deal with Your Malfunctioning HVAC Equipment?

So, your heater or air conditioner is broken – again. Without a functional unit, you can’t keep your home at a safe and comfortable temperature, and if this isn’t your first time calling your local HVAC technicians, you could be asking yourself if your unit is worth keeping.

While repairing your unit can certainly get it working again, there’s no guarantee that it can bring you the same level of quality and affordability as a replacement. On the other hand, replacing a perfectly good unit is a big expense that you don’t want to find yourself paying. We had our HVAC technicians beak down the basics or repairing your equipment and replacing it, so you can make the right decision for your home.

Repairing Your Existing Units

With a qualified HVAC company in your corner, repairs can return a broken-down heater or air conditioner to its former glory in no time. Repairs are best for sudden failures or simple part replacements – if most of the unit is still in good shape, there’s no need to pay for a full replacement.

A Repair May Be the Option for You If:

  • You’re looking for a solution with a lower short-term cost
  • The damage is relatively minor, with no associated safety hazards like carbon monoxide leakage
  • There are no underlying damages or malfunctions to worry about
  • You haven’t had to repair your equipment several times already
  • Your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality is typically excellent
  • You’re consistently spending the same amount on utilities

Upgrading Your Equipment with a Replacement

Not even the best repair team can fix any unit, and there comes a time in any heater or air conditioner's life when it just can’t work the way it used to. If your equipment is old, outdated, or suffering from a lifetime’s worth of wear-and-tear, replacing it will save you a lot of money on future repairs.

Replacing Your Unit May Be the Best Option If:

  • You’re looking to save on future repair costs
  • You’re dealing with an unusually frequent need for repairs
  • Your equipment is over 15 years old
  • Your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality has been steadily getting worse
  • You’re experiencing issues linked to oversized equipment
  • Your utility bills are getting higher

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Local Technicians

Remember, our team at Wallner Plumbing Heating & Air is always here to help you get all the information and services you need to stay comfortable. We can provide you with fast, effective repairs, or replace your unit with one of our top-of-the-line models.

Call (530) 223-5622 or contact us online today to consult with our team and schedule your appointment!