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Heater Installation & Replacement

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Redding Heater Installation & Replacement

Set Your Home Comfort Up for Success

Since 1968, our skilled specialists at Wallner Plumbing Heating & Air have provided our community with the same prompt, courteous service we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. As a family owned and operated local business, we take great pride in being a fixture that customers can trust to treat them with respect and care.

When it comes to choosing and installing new HVAC equipment in your home, we know how crucial this trust truly is. After all, this is a system that you will use every season for many years to come – not to mention it is one of the most significant investments the average homeowner is likely to make. With all this in mind, we are confident that we can help you navigate the process of choosing the right heater for your home and budget.

When you are ready for heater installation in Redding, we are here to help! Contact us today to schedule your estimate – free for installs and replacements!

Choosing the Right System for You

Our Redding HVAC replacement team will begin by determining the load capacity of your home. This amount, achieved by a complex series of calculations, indicates how much air needs to be circulated through the system to ensure that the distribution is balanced and the rooms are evenly heated. Ensuring that this calculation is correct is extremely important to the efficiency and overall function of the equipment we install.

We will always be certain to educate you on your options and help you understand how your current system compares to potential newer models. Though there are several benefits you are likely to experience, if your existing system is 15 years old or more, you are almost certain to enjoy a reduction in your monthly utility bills.

Additional factors our Redding HVAC replacement team considers include:

  • Property size: It is always important that we select a model that has enough power to warm the home in a timely manner – not too little, and not too much
  • Insulation: A well-insulated home will be far more efficient than one without proper insulation, and therefore will have very different needs when it comes to heating equipment

Do I Really Need a New Heater?

At Wallner Plumbing Heating & Air, we know that it can be stressful to learn that you need a new heating system – it is a substantial investment, after all. But if you find that your system has been in need of more and more repairs, and your utility bills have been steadily increasing, you are actually losing money that you do not have to. Instead of repairing an increasingly problematic system, choose a far more efficient option that offers the highest levels of quality comfort.

Schedule an appointment with our team by calling us at (530) 233-5622 today! Our Redding heater installation service is backed by over 50 years of trusted experience.

Your Total Comfort Is Our Priority
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John Harbolt They definitely took the stress away!
J. Carneiro Wallner Plumbing is excellent with great work ethics, job knowledge and great customer service.
Dan Mallia Had our A/C go out on a weekend and we gave them a call. They sent out a technician and he quickly diagnosed the problem and got us back and rolling within an hour.
Tom Watson He carefully listened to the information about my swamp cooler. He promptly wrapped up the job leaving a tidy workplace. My house is now very comfortable.
Rene and Denise Abidi He was courteous, professional, and answered all of our questions. Our entire experience with Wallner has been excellent. We will definitely call them again. Thank you.
Halla S. hey fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes! Way to go, Guys! Thanks a million!
Anonymous I liked the customer service. A quick call from the office to let me know he was on his way is a very nice touch.
Diana Shaw The service, the courtesy and the price really make Wallner a natural choice. Thank you Wallner!
Diana S Daren responded to our after hours call, was so cheerful and respectful and found the problem with our unit. He quickly replaced the burnt out disconnect, and reset our thermostat - again with cheer and great courtesy.
Teri C. I would recommend that if you're looking for service to your AC/ Wallner First..BEFORE you call anyone else.

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Since 1968, our family owned & operated business has been there for the community.

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