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5 Reasons to Consider Ductless Mini-Splits

From large storage sheds to garages, it can be challenging to work in areas where your comfort systems don’t reach. It’s expensive to add ductwork to some areas of your home, or it may be impossible if the site is not part of the home. Whether it’s your garage workspace, she-shed, or man cave, you can find yourself abandoning the area when temperatures get too high! A closed garage of storage shed can easily reach temperatures exceeding 120 degrees on a hot summer day. Since mini-split air conditioning systems have grown in popularity, they have filled a gap in the market for reliable and robust AC units that can be installed in any setting.

How Mini-Splits are Differ

Mini-split systems, or ductless AC units, were created out of necessity in Japan during the late 1950s. Westernized HVAC systems are large and expansive, requiring hundreds of feet of ductwork that Japanese home and business owners found incompatible with many of their buildings. Japanese households also found that larger air conditioning systems were too noisy for city dwellers living in high occupancy apartment buildings. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. To create a system that better fit the needs of Japanese consumers, engineers developed the mini-split ductless AC system. Ductless AC units are experiencing a period of great popularity in America.

Here are several reasons why they are becoming popular across the country:

  • Targeted Solution: Mini-split systems are an excellent solution for homes, offices, or external buildings that struggle with temperature control. If you have a space that’s always too hot or cold, a mini-split system can fix the problem by offering a targeted solution.
  • Small Space Solution: Homes and spaces under 1500 square feet can be difficult to heat and cool properly with minimal space for ductwork. If you have a small space, you don’t want to sacrifice square footage to storing ductwork. Mini-split systems provide a convenient solution for tiny homes, home additions, and new conversions.
  • Quiet Operation: Your mini-split system makes far less noise than the common AC system. Noise pollutions can make it difficult to enjoy your space or concentrate on work, and a mini-split system
  • Versatile: Mini-split systems are hardworking appliances. They can do so much in such a small package. They provide zoned temperature control for one room or multiple spaces. To achieve this level of versatility in a traditional HVAC system, it could be quite expensive and cumbersome.
  • Energy-Efficient: Ductless mini-split systems boast higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings than traditional systems. They also cost less to operate due to their heightened efficiency ratings. The best traditional systems on the market only have SEER ratings between 20 and 21, while mini-split systems have ratings as high as 27 SEER.

Mini-split systems are a convenient, affordable, and cost-effective solution for your heating and cooling needs. If you think your home or office space would benefit from a ductless mini-split system, we look forward to working with you. Wallner Plumbing Heating and Air has expert heating and cooling professionals available to answer all of your questions and schedule an appointment. Contact our office at (530) 223-5622 today!