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Common Reasons for a Toilet Repair

How To Avoid a Toilet Breakdown

There are few things more stressful in the household than a plumbing issue. You can avoid many costly and common toilet issues by knowing what typically causes the need for repair. Keep reading to learn the most common reasons for a toilet repair that our experts at Wallner Plumbing Heating & Air see.

1. A Clogged Toilet

One of the most common reasons our plumbing experts are called to a job is a clogged toilet. The reason this is so frequent is that typically, homeowners flush items that should not go into their toilet bowl and down their pipes. From makeup wipes, paper towels, to cotton balls — remember that the only two things that should ever go down the drain are waste and toilet paper.

2. A Broken Toilet Tank

Even if you don’t visibly see a crack in your tank — the water that continuously leaks out is an indicator that your toilet needs to be repaired. If your tank has a crack, it will likely never fill up — but your valve will continue to send water into the tank, causing a huge amount of water wasted. If you spot water leaking from your toilet, you should have a professional plumber check for a crack.

3. Worn Toilet Parts

While toilets are built to have a very long lifespan, this doesn’t mean that they won’t need maintenance here and there. Over time, a toilet’s flapper and washer bolts can become worn down. If your flapper is broken, it will cause the toilet to consistently flush on its own — even when not in use, which can greatly increase your utility bills.

Additionally, if your washer bolts are worn, you may see puddles of water under the toilet tank.

The best way to prevent each of these cases is to inspect your plumbing and maintain it frequently. Before your water bill skyrockets or you’re faced with a leak, a professional plumber can spot the need for a repair and take care of it quickly and efficiently.

Toilet Repairs in Redding CA

Don’t let a small plumbing repair turn into a nightmare! At Wallner Plumbing Heating & Air, we realize that any hitch in the smooth operation of your toilet can bring your home to a standstill. With same-day service, 24-hour emergency availability, and a one-hour response time guarantee, we do all we can to show our commitment to your comfort! Contact us today for an appointment: (530) 223-5622