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Remodeling Your Home? Here Are 7 Things to Keep in Mind.

You have taken the first step in remodeling your home—which is deciding to do it, congratulations! Now, the work begins.

We know that remodeling a home can be a massive undertaking. Even small renovations can have you juggling multiple budgets, companies, and mock-ups. In multifaceted projects like this, it can be easy for little things to slip through the cracks—and when it comes to your home, little things can very quickly become problems down the line. Here, we are looking at two of the most common areas to remodel in your home—the kitchen and bathroom—and sharing some small, but meaningful things to keep in mind during the remodel process.

A Goal Sheet

From start to finish, a clear and reasonable budget will be your guiding star throughout the remodel. However, this all-important document can be challenging to create if you are overlooking the big picture.

To begin, think of why you are remodeling in the first place, and make a list of three goals your remodel will accomplish. (It might be hard to stick to three, but in our experience anymore then that will begin to blow your budget and cloud your vision.) From there, start your budget by allocating money to the features that would best make these goals a reality. Referring back to this list of goals throughout the remodeling process can also ensure that you never get too lost in the weeds.

Remember, Function First

Don’t forget that your home’s functional spaces need to be respected. When remodeling highly functional spaces like a kitchen or bathroom, keep in mind the natural ‘flow’ of the space.

Your kitchen’s busiest areas are traditionally the sink, stove, and refrigerator, so make sure these areas have breathing room and work in conjunction with one another. In the same vein, the shower, toilet, and sink are going to be the most trafficked areas in your bathroom, so keep these fixtures in mind when remodeling any other aspect of your space.

Fixture Placement

A seemingly small detail can sometimes have a huge impact on your kitchen or bathroom. If your fixtures are poorly installed or improperly placed, you could experience:

  • Poor drainage
  • Slow water flow
  • An increase in drain clogging
  • Leaking faucets

If you are unsure about where to place your fixtures, a professional should be a part of your remodel. Our professionals at Wallner Plumbing, Heating & Air have the expertise to honestly assist you in deciding where plumbing fixtures should be placed.

Choose Appliances Before Cabinets

Picking out cabinetry can be a fun and rewarding part of the remodeling process. However, it is a mistake to choose your cabinets before you think about the appliances. Appliances like a new dishwasher or bathroom sink have specific dimensions that, if sacrificed, can diminish their look and function. Once you have some appliances chosen, make sure to measure the doorways of your home and your appliance’s final resting place to make sure they properly fit the space.


If you are looking to relocate your oven or shower, it can be easy to forget about the ventilation systems that keep these rooms running smoothly. These systems can be relatively inexpensive but have a big impact—greatly improving your indoor air quality. Keep the size of your space in mind when looking for a ventilation system and factor the system’s size into your overall mock-up.

System Updates

Time and time again, we see remodels that function as a band-aid over a bullet hole. These remodels lead to beautiful façades and, at face-value, the space functions well; but a peek underneath tells a different story. Simply put, a new faucet will never outweigh bad plumbing systems.

To make sure this type of remodel doesn’t happen to you, don’t forget about the guts that make your kitchen and bathroom function properly. Be thoughtful and honest about your understanding of your home’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems. Ask questions like:

  • When was the last time my systems were inspected?
  • Have my drains been functioning at peak performance?
  • What type of regular maintenance is being done on my current system?
  • Has the number of occupants in the home changed since my last system evaluation?

Once you have these questions answered, it is important to call a skilled plumber and HVAC specialist to get an assessment and maintenance plan for your home.

The Reward

For all the talk about the money and time that go into a remodel, it’s easy to forget how rewarding a properly remodeled kitchen or bathroom can be. Not only will this process mean a more comfortable and efficient space for you and your family, but it will also up the value of your property. In fact, 4 out of 5 renovating homeowners reported that their bathroom and kitchen upgrades created a positive ROI when it came to selling their house.

Lastly, remember, you don’t have to take on these projects alone. Call Wallner Plumbing, Heating & Air today at (530) 223-5622 to see how we can help your remodeling dreams come true.